You ate it - Now Negate it!


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You ate it Now Negate it!  How long does it take to burn off these foods?



Time/exercise to burn it off

Coca Cola (can)

Playing water polo for 21 minutes

10 Pretzels

18 mins cycling or 14 mins running or 40 mins walking

Starbucks Blueberry Muffin

30 mins cycling or 23 mins running

Big Mac

Chopping wood for 1hr 15 mins

Orange Juice (the real stuff)

14 mins of cycling or 10 minutes of running

3 KFC Crispy Strips Chicken

3 hours of dish washing or backpacking for 2 hours

DQ  Banana Split Blizzard

Playing ping pong for almost 3 hours

2 Slices of Bread

Wash your car for 1.3 hours, run 17 mins, cycle for 25

Nutri-Grain Bar

10 mins cycling, 7 mins of running

Power Bar

20 mins cycling or 14 mins of running, 32 mins WT

Energy Drink (small)

22 mins cycling, or 16 mins running

Bagel with Cream Cheese

55 mins WT or 33 mins cycling or 25 mins running

2 Slices of Pizza

Running for 45 mins, cycle for 70 mins

1 Cup of Milk (1% MF)

Walking for 45 mins, run for 15 mins

Chocolate Chip Cookie

26 mins WT or 16 mins cycling or 12 mins running

Beer (pint)

40 mins WT or 24 mins cycling or18 mins running


I believe it is a high school science project, but I saw this and couldn't resist adding it to my site!


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