Vitamins - are you just creating expensive urine?


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Vitamins - Are You Just Creating Expensive Urine?

We're all trying to save money, so saving money by purchasing vitamins and multivitamins in places drug stores or grocery stores

(I won't mention any specific brand names) is a good idea right? Not really. In fact, in my opinion, you are wasting your money and

creating expensive urine! Here are a few reasons:


1 -Often these vitamins have very poor bio-availability and absorbtion; For example, any vitamin on the ingredients list that ends with  "oxide,"

"chloride," "carbonate" has a pretty poor absorbtion rate; from 0%-20%. If the multi vitamin doesn't list any "chelation form" at all

(don't worry about memorizing that word) then it's almost guaranteed to be one of the lower quality forms. Look for multi vitamins with the words

"bisglycinate," "taurate,"  "citrate," "bitartrate," "aspartate," "ascorbate" or "malate" in them. These are the more absorbable forms (bisglycinate is one of the best).

Why do multivitamin manufacturers put these cheap, poorly absorbed forms of vitamins in their multivitamin tablets? Cost - most people aren't aware of the

differences and shop on price alone, so the aim is to have the lowest priced option so people will buy it.


2 - Often these multivitamins have very low levels of the vitamin itself in them. For example, the multivitamin I sell has 30mg of vitamin B6...comparing it to a popular "cheap"

multi with 8mg! Again comparing the 100mg of vitamin B12 in the multivitamins I recommend  with the 25mg of a popular brand available at drug stores and grocery stores.


3 - Cheaper multivitamins use all kinds of cheap binders to hold the multivitamin together, which often do not break down well in your stomach, again allowing very little of the tablet to

be absorbed.


Some quick tips on when to take multivitamins or individual vitamins:

Take them around (within 15-20 mins) of a meal, or during a meal, to maximize absorbtion

Multivitamins are best taken in the morning with breakfast as they give you what you need for the day

Don't take vitamin B before bed if you are someone who has trouble sleeping (vitamin B helps metabolism and energy production in the body)

Take Magnesium and Calcium in the evening, because it helps you relax and sleep

Magnesium or Calcium supplements should have a 2:1 or 3:1 ratio

Calcium supplements should have vitamin D to help increase absorbtion

Vitamin B  or Iron should be taken with vitamin C, if the vitamin doesn't already include it



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