Organic - Is it really worth it?


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Many people ask me, "do I need to eat organic?" or "Is it really worth it?" or Are organic foods actually free of pesticides, herbicides, etc?"

These are actually excellent questions! Overall, yes, organic foods are better for you, TASTE BETTER, are better for the environment, and most, but not all, organic foods have far more vitamins, minerals, and healthy compounds in them compared to conventionally farmed foods (with pesticide use, fertilizer, herbicides, etc.).

However, organic foods do cost more than conventionally farmed foods, so depending on your budget, and what you can afford, I have included a list below of the Clean 15 and Dirty Dozen (plus 2 bonus veggies), from the Environmental Working Group. Each year, the Environmental Working Group tests many foods to see toxin and residue levels. The worst are on the "Dirty Dozen" list, and the ones that are ok to eat organic are on the "Clean 15 list."

In terms of are organic foods actually free of pesticides - unfortunately, due to the state of our environment and the soil today, no food is totally free of man made toxins. However, many organic foods are significantly lower in toxins, and TASTE better. They are better for the environment too, and the sustainability of future food crops/sources. Try eating  some conventionally grown cherry tomatoes, and then some organically grown cherry tomatoes, for example. You will notice quite a difference! Better for you AND tastes better? Gets you thinking, doesn't it?

Loaded with Toxins, Pesticides, Herbicides "OK" to eat non-organic
Apples Onions
Peaches Kiwi
Cucumbers Pineapple
Potatoes Avocadoes
Celery Pineapple
Spinach Cabbage
Strawberries (all berries really) Sweet Peas
Grapes Papayas
All Tomatoes Mushrooms
Nectarines Cantaloupe
Hot Peppers Mangoes
Sweet Bell Peppers Corn
Kale (slightly better than the dirty dozen) Sweet Potatoes
Collards (slightly better than the dirty dozen) Grapefruit


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