Fibre - One of the Keys to Weight Loss!


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Here are some of my favorite high fibre foods. Fibre is the key to weight loss, which is why I recommend eating high fibre foods, as well as taking a flax supplement like Fibre Maa at least once, if not twice, a day. Enter your favorite 

food below the list and the tool will let you know how much fibre is in the food you are thinking of. Ask me how to get Fibre Max - it's really helped me in my weight loss journey, as it is not just flax seed and helps heal your digestive tract!

Top Fibre Foods:

Food Fibre (g)
Medium Avocado 11
Medium Artichoke 10
Raspberries (1 cup) 8
Ground Flax Seed (3Tbsp)  5-8g
Lentils (1/2 cup) 8
Black Beans 7
Brocoli 6
Medium Pear 4.5
Medium Apple 4
Almonds 4.3
Chia Seeds (2Tbsp) 11


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