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What if you could increase employee productivity by even an hour a day?


James isn't simply a speaker who talks about health and nutrition - he is a nutrition and health expert who speaks!



James' interview on Rogers TV at the Richmond Hill Health and Nutrition show        


 James' interview on CTV News at the Passport for Change Health Show (skip to the 1:00 minute section)



Complete Health and Fitness offers several corporate services:

  • Lunch and learn seminars
  • Workplace health and motivation seminars
  • "Why am I crashing?" seminars on energy, fatigue and exhaustion - and what you can do about it!
  • Keynote and event speaking
  • Event meal planning
  • Cafeteria food analysis
  • Ordering-in meal analysis (for meetings, etc.)
  • Restaurant menu analysis/guidance 

Please call us for more information on speaking at your event!

Some of the topics offerred during speaking engagements are: 

  • What is actually proper nutrition– since it is often very confusing and “product marketing” very often misleads us
  • How to stay healthy in a busy lifestyle - the art and science James created during his busy corporate sales career
  • Why people often "crash" and feel exhausted only a few hours into their day
  • Caffeine - why it actually makes you duller and even more exhausted over time
  • The dreaded fats – Which to avoid and which will actually make you healthier!
  • The energy crash and burn cycle – How caffeine or sugary snacks make this even worse and what you can do to fix this
  • Hidden fat loss resistance reasons why people often can't lose weight
  • How to decrease stress, since it is often responsible for all kinds of health issues
  • What your cravings are trying to tell you
  • How to motivate yourself and stay motivated – since people, on average, give up on their new year’s resolutions after only 17 days
  • Being aware of marketing - food labels; “low fat,” “health check,” Canada Food Guide,” Blue Menu” – are they ACTUALLY healthy?




         Watch for my upcoming book!