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Complete Health & Fitness provides holistic nutrition and health transformation coaching for busy people. We provide a complete and customized approach to being fit and being healthy, which is different than most other organizations. 

James R. Elliot feels that you need to take a complete look at a person's life; diet, physical activity, and mental state  in order to make the greatest, most motivational and most permanent impact.  Everyone is unique - and so following a one size fits all diet, lifestyle or exercise program won't provide you with the optimum results you are looking for. It will also take you a lot more time to reach your goals - and cost you more money.  

To create your custom plan, James looks at the entire body system for hidden reasons why someone is having health issues. Again, this allows him to create a custom plan for you, which will be far more effective than a one size fits all plan!

James loves sharing his weight loss story and his path to success and happiness. If James can go from being clinically obese and always tired at 235lbs down to 174lbs and healthy, so can you! He would like to show you how to succeed as well, and save you from all the time, traps, spending, setbacks and pitfalls!

Education is also key! James wants to be able to educate and empower his clients, so they can reach, and keep, their goals. Unfortunately, most self-directed health initiatives do not have effective or permanent results.

Complete Health and Fitness is happy to provide coaching as long as you feel you need it, even once you have reached, and exceeded your goals! We want you to be successful – and happy - permanently!

There is no one-size-fits-all health plan, which is why James takes everyone’s individual needs into account to create a custom plan for each of his clients – ensuring maximum flexibility, success and enjoyment. James helps clients focus on coaching and improving all 3 areas of their lives; nutrition, motivation, and exercise. This makes them the most successful, and the happiest.

Like the great philosopher Hippocrates, James teaches people to let food be their medicine – in a very delicious way!


James works on nutrition and coaching for many things, including:

*diabetes                            *energy level/fatigue problems                                        *digestive issues

*anti-aging                         *cardiovascular problems and heart disease                      *weight loss

*food sensitivities             *diseases and auto immune conditions                              *liver/heavy metal toxicity

 *stress                             *Fertility                                                                        *brain function/clarity/ADHD


Here are some of James' qualifications:

  • Holistic Nutritionist and member of the Institute of Holistic Nutrition
  • Certified Exercise and Sports Nutritionist
  • Certified Motivational and NLP coach
  • Certified Hypnotherapist
  • Former Certified Personal Trainer
  • Functional Medicine Training by Dr. Dicken Weatherby, ND
  • Metagenics First Line Therapy Certified
  • Great Plains Laboratories Certification


James' interview on Rogers TV at the Richmond Hill Health and Nutrition show

(Skip to my part at 2:21 minutes)


James' interview on CTV News at the Passport for Change Health Show (skip to the 1:00 minute section)


These tools help him to find things that de-motivate you or your employees, and also to find the things that empower, excite, inspire and motivate people. This helps his customers be successful at whatever they want to do – whether it is to become happier, healthier, highly motivated, to lose weight, or change their outlook and direction on life.

James uses all these skills, combined with his own personal weight loss journey to be an incredible health coach, able to motivate individuals and empower people to make incredible changes to their lives - mind AND body.

         Watch for my upcoming book!